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Parrish Agri Turf, LLC


Parrish Agri Turf, LLC

Spike Parrish
2005 Asbury Rd
Albertville, AL 35951
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Phone Number (256) 302-3456
Phone (256) 660-1116
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Product Description

Parrish Agri-Turf has built and patented equipment that can save you hours of work and hours of manpower in the fields. Our accumulator can gather 10 bales of hay into one easy to manage row. It converts in just a few minutes, allowing custom accumulating of square bales that have already been baled and on the ground. It hooks behind any square baler in seconds without utilizing pumps or tractor hydraulics. The simple working mechanism makes this accumulator virtually foolproof. The simple design requires no timing, it virtually runs itself.

We believe it's the simplest hay accumulator on the market today.

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