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Smoky Mountain Cattle

David Bryant
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Silencer Hydraulic Cattle Chutes are custom build to match the needs of each producer.  They will have the options that are valuable to you and function the way you want. Chutes can be mobile or stationary and have scales. The units have many power options from plugging into your tractor, electrical shore power to a Honda gas engine.


Rice Lake Livestock Scales produces “Legal for Trade” single and group animal scales. The group animal scale is available in both stationary and mobile configurations. The stationary group animal scale is in 5 sizes from 13’ to 22’ long and all 8’ wide. There are 2 sizes of mobile group animal scale and they can weigh in the field off level. All scales can keep track of head count, calculate shrink and total the load.


Deweze Balebeds have been made for over 25 years and are made in 14 different sizes to fit any truck. They can be electric / hydraulic or live hydraulic in pump sizes from 7 to 17 GPM. You can easily load and feed 2 bales with any size bed. Deweze also produces the Super Slicer II that unrolls a hay bale into a feed bunk or a square baler to rebale hay.  The machine can windrow the hay onto the ground as well. A 3-PT bale unroller is available to use with a tractor. If you want to save hay in the winter, Deweze is the way to do it.

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