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Biotic Industries Inc

147 Edd Joyce rd
Bell Buckle, TN 37020
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Phone Number (931) 437-2514
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Product Description

Biotic Industries manufactures automatic feeders that are made in the United States at an affordable cost.     


  • Respects natural feeding habits
  • Mixes warm milk on demand
  • Use any kind of milk powdered replacer
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers!
  • No waste


Biotic Automatic Feeders provide an effective solution for large and small-scale calf, lamb or kid farming. Biotic feeders help support the healthy development of calve, lambs and kids through a system that supports their natural feeding instincts – while saving time, reducing costs, and improving their viability.  We have a machine to fit your needs. 


Call us! We will be very happy to help you with a solution that is just right for you and your farm or dairy.


  • ID-Tek II (feeds up to 25 calves)
  • Lac-Tek II (feeds up to 120 lambs or kids)
  • Lac-Tek Stainless Steel (feeds up to 60 lambs or kids)
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